The PayBag Collection.

A range of bags that enable people to pay without needing a wallet. The Mastercard Contactless payment chip is built into each bag so that payments can be done without pulling out a wallet or smartphone.  Paying with PayBag is easier and faster than using cash and plastic cards. In contrast to disposable bags, it can be used for years and doesn’t pollute the environment after that. Unlike ordinary reusable shopping bags (which people actually forget to bring with them at 40% of shopping trips), it replaces the bag that people carry with them all the time. To make it even more convenient, when folded, the bag fits into a pocke easily, and when needed unfolds into a full bag. All bags are made of 100% recycled plastic and are presented in four versions, correspondin to the four types of cards of the partner bank.The eco bag can be received by ordering a card from a partner bank. A courier delivers the card in an eco-wallet, which turns into a fashionable PayBag® in just a few seconds. Role: Executive Creative Director